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Who Needs Self-Storage?

From the corners of our attics, and the packed shelves in the garage, to the dark, cramped corners of the basement, we carefully bury our beloved treasure. Many of these items will never see the light of day again. There is also more stuff at the back of closets in our room and in spare rooms. Whether we see this as storing or hoarding, the net effect seems to be that we never have enough space. However, self-storage can help! Self-storage comes in different shapes and sizes and can be rented for different periods of time. Self-storage is a viable, cost-effective solution for many folks with different needs.

Who Needs Self-Storage?

Selling Up

Self-storage is very handy for people wanting to put their homes on the market. What we want potential buyers to see is a cheerful, spacious, well-organized home. Instead, what you might have now is a cluttered house with too much furniture, and an avalanche waiting to batter them when they look inside the closets.


There may not be space in your new home for granny’s king-size feather bed or Victorian chaise longue. In some cases, you just have too many pictures or are keeping items to send with the kids when they get their own place. Instead of heaving everything into the moving van, place it all in a storage unit until you move into the new place.

Returning Students

College students returning home for the summer need somewhere to put their accumulated belongings. Finding a self-storage facility near the college campus can eliminate the need to transport all their goods home and back again next semester. It’s like having an oversized locker near the dorm.

Home Remodelers

Remodeling and renovation projects usually take more time than envisioned. However, they will go a little quicker when the space is empty. In addition, there is always the potential for possessions to be damaged, or grow legs. Therefore, using self-storage will be appreciated by your insurer as well as the people who need to work on the project.

New Family Member

The imminent arrival of the new family member, be it a baby or an elderly grandparent, leaves little option but to get organized. Babies need their furniture and grandparents like to bring their own. Make space by placing boxes and other unused items in a self-storage unit.

Garage Parking

Some of us have forgotten that garages are for parking cars. Odds are, the stuff you intended to store there for a short period until you had a chance to unpack or decide what to do with it, is still there. Garages are a magnet for things that we don’t know where else to put them. These items tend to build up over the years.

Skiing equipment and other seasonal or holiday-use-only stuff can be stored off-site. It should be possible to open a car door in the garage without the fear of bumping over hastily stacked boxes or sucking your stomach in to get to the kitchen door.


In the winter, some restaurants may need a place to store their outdoor dining furniture. Other businesses may have more important storage requirements than just spare office furniture and chairs. Most businesses are required to keep documents and records in an archive, which makes a small, secure, self-storage unit ideal.

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