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What to Do With an Old Couch

If your comfy couch is now just an old sofa, there are many things you can do with it aside from tossing it. However, it depends on how emotionally you or a significant other are attached to it. Treat your old couch with the respect, dignity, and care you think it deserves. Take one last nap on it and then take action. Here are some ideas of what you can do with your old couch.

What to Do With an Old Couch

Keep it

If it’s a keeper, then clean it. By deep cleaning the microfibers in the foam and upholstery, you can give it a new, better smelling lease on life. Not to mention, it will look much better too. Treat it to a birthday present of new scatter cushions and maybe a throw blanket or pillow.


Refurbishing an old couch is a viable option if it is structurally sound. Couch refurbishment also offers the opportunity to modernize (or not) the fabric and color to blend it in with more recent furnishings. Get a quote to replace the cushion foam, repair any broken springs, and reupholster.

Kid’s Den

Some couches are no longer worthy of gracing the living room. Therefore, old sofas are great for the kid’s den. Strangely the red wine stains and rips will no longer bother us as much as they used to.


If your old couch has removable cushions and you don’t plan on selling it, remove the cushions and keep them. The couch cushions can come in handy for picnics or when you go camping. Old couch cushions can also be an asset to a treehouse.

Art Deco –ish

Change the look of an old couch by creating a two-tone effect. In the case of removable cushions, recover one or two, or all of them – try denim or velvet. If the cushion covers can unzip or unbutton, have a go at tie-dying them, for a retro 70s look. In the case of threadbare areas, add fabric patches. The more outlandish, the more deliberately avant-garde it will look. For plain, vintage sofas, use fabric paint to add swirls and designs or splashes to make Picasso and Jackson Pollock proud.


See what your furniture store will give you for it as a trade-in on a new couch. Although it won’t be much, it could be better than nothing. The real win comes when they remove your old couch when the new couch is delivered.

Swap It

Bartering is as old as the hills, yet it still happens every day. Remember, one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. Go treasure hunting online and see if you can exchange your old couch for something you need.


Some websites allow potential buyers to place bids on furniture. This is great for broke college students setting up their dorm or apartment spaces. Price is a function of value. Have a go at auctioning off your sofa, and find out what someone is prepared to pay for it. If you think your old sofa is worth a minimum amount, set a reserve price.

Reverse Auction

A garage sale allows sellers to mark up the price on the ticket. However, set a realistic minimum amount in your mind and expect to be negotiated down. Accept the nearest cash offer or take what you can get. After all, some pennies are better than no pennies.

Free Stuff

This is the easiest way to get rid of or donate your sofa. Craigslist has categories listed as “free stuff” and “curb alert”. You can donate it to a charity or simply apply the first-come, first-served principle by setting it near the end of your driveway. If the state of the couch causes you to blush, reach out to an animal shelter. Dogs and cats won’t judge!


If you decide to replace your old couch, sell it, or donate it, make sure that the other party is responsible for removing it. Not having to deal with the hassle of removing it is actually priceless.

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