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What to Do If It Rains While Moving

Moving to another house or apartment is already a difficult task, but having rain on the day of your move can be an additional nightmare. When everything has already been planned and suddenly rain hits, there isn’t always the choice to postpone the move. If it rains while you’re moving, postponing the move can lead to lost money and time. Never underestimate how fast rain can saturate everything from books to electronics. Always prepare for the worst-case scenario and have these tips in mind if you’re getting ready to move!

What to Do If It Rains While Moving

1. Keep an Eye on the Weather

Always watch the most updated version of the weather report. Also, check Google maps for the estimated traffic while you’re at it. Weather reports change, and bad weather combined with traffic can give you a rough moving day experience.

Rain or shine, continue checking the weather report for what the rest of the day might look like. Sometimes, it’s possible to wait out the rain for an hour or two and keep moving. If the weather report says that inclement weather is going to increase along your route, the safest option is to find somewhere safe to stop.

2. Seek Cover

If you run into sudden rain while moving, the safest thing you can do for both the passengers and property is to pull over immediately. Stop the moving truck, or your vehicle at a safe space, such as a truck stop, where you can seek cover from the rain and compose yourself.

Don’t attempt to drive through heavy rain: it’s never worth an accident risk.

3. Seek Covering(s)

In the case of a light drizzle, you can protect your personal property with plastic wrap, sheets or tarps. As long as your property remains sealed and fastened, rain should be less likely to drench your stuff. Although these are essential items that everyone should pack for a move, they are also things that most people forget.

If you are able to, seek the appropriate material to cover the bulk of your items up and soldier through the drizzle. Make sure that covers and objects have been fastened well enough so that they don’t move around in the storm and present a danger to you, your stuff or other drivers on the road.

Again, do not attempt to drive through dangerous and heavy rain. Even if you have somewhere important to be, it won’t be worth the chance of an accident!

4. Call Ahead

If you have specific arrangements with someone on the destination end, such as a moving company, call ahead and let them know about the storm. Many people will also arrange with someone to pick up the keys. In this case, a rainstorm is one of the worst inconveniences that you can have.

Always call ahead if you have hit any kind of delay, especially if that delay involves rain. This can help reduce some of the pressure of making it to your destination at a time you had specified prior to running into bad weather.

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