What Size is Best For Buying Storage Units?

What Size is Best For Buying Storage Units?

Thirty-foot building is the best. You can move the walls based on your actual size mix.

Well Maybe:

If you’re in the City and zoning requires concrete frost-free footings and hard surface roads I would do the 30’s but if you have a second run of buildings do 40’s. Your footing cost is almost the same for each width. Also, you have more concrete that is renting with a 40, relative to the amount of hard surface road.

What Size is Best For Buying Storage Units?

Also if you’re in the City, you will have more Temperature controlled competition. Go with larger sizes, 10/15/20/30/40. Their economics demand a mix more to the smaller sizes. Also who wants to fill a 10 x 20 up with a cart, hallways, and elevator. If this is your first time out, you don’t want to compete in the Temperature controlled business. It’s too risky, they have better SEO than you will ever achieve, better financing and since you have to build out the entire building at once usually, you have to have the funds to get through the rent up stage which is longer than for outdoor add on buildings.

Best ROI? Non-Traditional

Buying Storage Units Option 1:

Only if you have cheap/extra land and can do rock roads. If you’re in the country and your zoning allows it, go with 20 foot Cargo containers as a good part of your mix. Put some gravel down at the front and back of the unit to get it off the ground. If two rows, put them back to back.

Depending on how close you are to shipping areas, your container delivered may run $2,100. A 10 x 15 or 20 traditional outside access unit will run $3,100 installed. Containers are only good for clients who can open/close them. Appreciate their airtightness. They will rent for less. Example: 8 x 20 ft container $50; 10 x 15 traditional $55; 10 x 20 traditional $65 in the countryside.

No property taxes since they are not attached to the ground. You can buy as you need them. Have too many, just sell them. Talk with your tax person. Should be able to write them off in year one.

Recommend you use silver trailer roof paint. This lowers the inside temperature significantly. Also paint the Visual exterior sides a consistent light color to reflect the sun. Sand down the roof and side rust spots first, then prime. We have 40 of them and they look great painted one color.  Everyone wants to buy one. When you buy, pick no leaks in the roof or floor. Side dents are okay. Easy to open doors. Don’t buy single trip containers they cost too much.

Buying Storage Units Option 2:

If you already have a lot of Storage competition in the area, don’t do traditional storage. Build a large contractor or hobbyist incubator buildings. 25 x 40 to 60. With electric/water. You will get a higher per square foot rental than a 10 x 20 unit. Along with that I would do Storage but with different dimension sizes, that complement these contractors and hobbyists. 12 foot wide versus 10 ft. 10 ft tall vs 8ft. Do a 40 foot if you have the turn around space on both sides, that way you can rent outdrive through with two doors for boats, race cars, lawn care, etc.

Start small and make your big mistakes early.

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