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What Shouldn’t You Store in the Garage?

Oftentimes homeowners will use the garage as a default overflow storage area. Apart from the usual suspects — car supplies, gardening tools and supplies, and tools — it’s all too easy to accumulate random items in your garage. Want to keep it, but out of sight? In the garage, it goes! Hold on a second, though. Not everything should be stored in the garage. Check this handy list of things you shouldn’t store in the garage to discover if you have any work to do!

What Shouldn’t You Store in the Garage?

1. Don’t Store Flammable Materials in the Garage

Keeping flammable materials close to a source of ignition (your vehicle!) is a bad idea. It’s tempting to store items like propane tanks, paint, paint remover, solvents, pesticides, or cleaning supplies in the garage, but it’s also dangerous.

It’s generally better to store propane tanks outside, while the other flammable items on this list should ideally be stored in a shed or basement.

You can keep gasoline in your garage, but only in a safe container. Oily rags should also always be put away immediately, as they can spontaneously combust in certain circumstances such as extreme temperatures.

2. Don’t Store Items That Attract Vermin in the Garage

Many people store pet food in their garages. Those who stockpile food supplies may store this excess in the garage, too. Unless it’s sealed in airtight containers, any food is bound to attract vermin like mice and rats.

Books, old photos, carpet remnants, sails, sleeping bags, and clothes lead to a similar problem; as they become humid in the less controlled environment of your garage, these items attract silverfish, moths, and other insects.

3. Don’t Store Important Documents in the Garage

Don’t store important documents like passports, birth certificates, IRS documents, and banking information in the garage, either. Not only do you run the risk that humidity and fluctuating temperatures damage these documents over time, but burglars may also find an easy point of entry into your garage.

4. Don’t Put Fridges and Freezers in the Garage

Do you have an extra fridge or freezer in your garage to store excess food and drink? The garage may seem like an obvious place to put these extra appliances. There are, however, definite drawbacks.

Because your garage isn’t temperature-controlled like the rest of your home, these appliances have to work much harder to perform well. That’s going to lead to much higher energy bills. Are you OK with that? Then it’s OK to put extra fridges and freezers in your garage. You can probably find a better home for these appliances, though.

5. Don’t Store Children’s Clothes and Toys in the Garage

These fabric items will be subjected to temperature and humidity fluctuations, attracting vermin and odors over time. Even more importantly, exhaust fumes gradually build up within the fabric. When your child suddenly decides that he or she wants that stuffed animal stored in the garage back, it might not be safe anymore.

If you really have no other place to store toys and clothes one child has outgrown to pass down to the next, safely store them in airtight and sealed containers.

6. Don’t Store Outdated Electric Equipment in the Garage

Old computers and TVs will be damaged and rendered unusable if you store them in the garage. It is best to store electronics in climate-controlled spaces as extreme heat can permanently damage them.

7. Don’t Store Anything You Don’t Really Want to Keep in the Garage

Many people get in the habit of dumping anything they no longer use (and realistically never will again) in the garage. This can lead to a localized hoarding situation over time. If you don’t really want it anymore, just dispose of it in a safe and appropriate way.

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