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What is the Fastest Way to Pack a House for Moving?

Moving isn’t always something that you’re given a lot of preparation time for. Some are last-minute moves and need to be pulled off just weeks or days from the expected moving date. You may need to get everything packed in a timeline that’s less than you expected. Packing things fast doesn’t mean you have to do it poorly, though! Take a look at this guide to learn more about the fastest way to pack a house for moving.

What is the Fastest Way to Pack a House for Moving?

Packing doesn’t need to be painful. It can be both quick and effortless for situations where you need it to be. Here’s the quickest way to get your house into boxes, so you can move everything to a new location as fast as possible.

Arrange for Transport

Arrange for a reliable moving truck or transportation company to get everything from one location to the next. Without this, you’re skipping a crucial part of the relocation. It’s not something you can pull off at the last second.

With transport figured out first, there’s more time to focus on packing the most essential things rather than making time-consuming phone calls.

A reliable moving company prevents damage to your fragile items. They also guarantee everything gets to the end destination safely, especially during long-distance moving.

Moving Checklists

Create a list of all your items before moving day. It’s important to do this for insurance reasons. A list helps keep track of what has been packed and what has not.

A quick inventory is a means to make sure the move is efficient and fast, rather than a process where everyone is scrambling around to find individual items. Pack with the list to make sure that you don’t forget anything in the process.

Sort the Things You’re Packing

Sort the things you’re going to pack by room or purpose so that the unpacking process is easier. You will know exactly what has to go in every box or container. Sorting seems like it’s going to waste time, but will save you time when it’s time to pack.

Pack breakables and chemicals separately, for example, and reserve a box or two for the things you will want to unpack first. Everyone needs something when they’re done unpacking. You don’t want to waste a lot of time searching for important documents or items when you need them.

As part of the sorting process, it can also be a huge help to label the boxes with a number. This way, you have a full inventory of items while you’re packing (and when it’s time to unpack things again).

Measure Once

Large items like cupboards, desks, or beds must be prepared first. Ensure that large items are calculated first. Properly wrap these things around the rest of what you’re going to pack.

There’s nothing worse than packing last minute just to realize that you don’t have enough space to pull off a proper move. Measure once, and make sure that you have enough space for large items and the amount of boxes.

Discard Unnecessary Items

Discard what’s unnecessary. Ensure you don’t waste your time or space by packing clothes or items you’ll never use or wear again. People accumulate a lot of things they’re sure are going to be useful someday but that never really is. You don’t need all of this to weigh down the move when you’re packing things in a hurry.

You can sell or donate items that are in good condition. It reduces both the weight and time associated with packing the rest.

Order Packing Materials Online

One of the easiest ways to slow down your packing experience is to discover that you don’t have enough boxes or packing supplies.   To avoid running into this issue, order items online such as:

  • boxes
  • bubble wrap
  • packing paper
  • plastic bags
  • color-coded labels
  • tape

Many distributors can deliver boxes the same day they are ordered. You can also ask local retailers for their boxes on delivery day if time allows.

If you don’t have to pause to get more boxes or packing tape, it’s often much easier to pack your things faster.

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