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What is the Best Way to Downsize Your Home?

Home downsizing is this year’s big thing, though it should have been a trend that got popular years ago already. Downsizing refers to a reduction in clutter around the home, leaving you with more space to work with. There can be a lot of other great reasons why you should choose right now to downsize your home.

With hoarding a real danger once the amount of “stuff” has exceeded the amount of space, downsizing should be your next step if you want to free up space in your home space.

What is the Best Way to Downsize Your Home?

Here’s a quick guide to home downsizing and you.

‘Tis the Season to Downsize

Why declutter and downsize now?

The real question you should ask is, why not start the downsizing process now?

House cleaning (and clutter removal) is an easy task to put off. However, putting it off leads to more and more clutter. Physically and emotionally, a good cleaning and home organization are just as good for the home as a detox can be for the body.

Choose life, choose a job, choose less stuff.

The Drawbacks of Clutter

Clutter is bad, but more than that, clutter can be dangerous.

The more clutter you have in the home, the more infestations and bacteria have a chance to take hold. Clutter can also be a structural danger in the worst cases, or just a mess to get around.

Clutter doesn’t just affect the path to the door and the body, but it can also begin to affect the mind. In many ways, de-cluttering and downsizing can help you feel better about the environment you’re in.

What is the Best Way to Downsize Your Home?

Valuations & Sales

High-value, larger, or older items require a formal valuation before they are sold. This will help make sure that the items for sale are sold for a price that they’re worth. Experts can attach a face value to an item, which makes its sale much easier – and also authenticates it for the record.

If an item could be worth more, go to the effort of getting a valuation or accept that you might not find someone that can meet the value.

Online Sales

There are certain items you can sell faster online if you are able to find the right market and/or buyer for them. Online sales have the benefit of being fast. However, selling items online can require some negotiation skills to get the price you want for the items you don’t need.

Classifieds Sales

Items that don’t sell online can be listed through traditional print ads. Traditional print ads have more reach in today’s world than you might imagine. The sale you were waiting for might just be around the corner. An unsuccessful online sale doesn’t always mean that the item is impossible to sell, but that it can take some more time.


Donations can go a long way in helping other people that are less fortunate. A great way to donate items is by giving your belongings to communities or community projects that are in need of help. There are always a handful of legitimate organizations in and around local communities.

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