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What Do I Do if I Have Too Much Stuff?

Does your living space feel cluttered? Do you open your cupboard to an avalanche of stuff falling on you? While most people don’t have this hoarding problem, plenty out there might think they have too much stuff. Why not lighten the load and ditch what you don’t need? Some people just find it hard to give up stuff in their homes.

What Do I Do if I Have Too Much Stuff?

According to experts, there are three reasons why people hold onto things in their life.

  • Sentiment – The item reminds them of someone or a special time in their life.
  • Aesthetics – Keeping items we consider beautiful with no desire or organizational ability.
  • Utility – Stuff we think might come in handy at some point.

Look around your living space. What’s the primary reason you collect or hoard stuff? Sentiment, aesthetics, or utility – or is it a combination of the three?

Declutter Your Life at a Slow, Steady Pace

The decluttering process might seem overwhelming at first. The idea is to do it consistently. The thought of tossing out all your stuff at once might seem too much to bear for most people.

By removing the stuff you don’t need from your life in increments, you have an easier time letting go. Many people invest in their possessions, even if they don’t have any market value. If you invested money in your possessions, it’s even worse. You might feel like changing the situation is ripping you apart inside.

It’s better to use a calm, progressive, and therapeutic strategy for clearing out the clutter in your life. This approach to reducing the clutter in your home involves pacing the process by removing the stuff you don’t need.

The internal shift towards detachment during the process occurs alongside an external transformation, and the change becomes permanent as it modifies your behavior.

How To Detach from Your Stuff

Start a Donation Box

Take a box and throw the stuff you don’t want into it. If you hesitate to let it go, ask yourself if you love or use it. If you answer no to either question, toss it in the box.

Snap a Photo

If you really have a problem with letting go of your stuff, try taking a photo before letting it go. This strategy is ideal for books, records, and other paper documents or gifts. A picture lets you keep the memory while eliminating the clutter. Preserve the memory without the need to find a physical place for it.

Learn to Let Go

If you feel like you have an emotional attachment to something, ask yourself how it brings you joy. If you can’t find a good answer, you probably don’t value it as much as you think. Learn to let go of the clutter in your life, and you’ll become free. It’s worth making the tradeoff.

Save the Memorabilia for Last

Leaving the memorabilia for last allows you to lose yourself in the act of letting go. It’s a timewaster, so leaving it for last lets you handle all the other priorities first. This will give you a better chance of finishing and meeting your goal of decluttering your living space.

Rent a Storage Unit

Are you having trouble letting go of your belongings but also want to declutter your home? Consider renting a storage unit near you. This way you get the best of both worlds. You get to keep your prized belongings, and you get a clutter-free home. Self-storage units are a great place to store extra stuff filling your home. If you have too much stuff and not enough space, grab some storage boxes and tuck your items away in a storage unit until you need the items again.

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