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What Should You Put in Storage When Moving

When it comes to moving, storage is a practical option for many. Are you looking to downsize but can’t muster up the courage to let some things go? Are you relocating for a short-term job? Or maybe thinking about moving everything at once sounds absolutely daunting. Whatever the case is, self-storage units are a great way to ease your worries. How does one decide which items to store away? Let’s get into it.

What Should You Put in Storage When Moving

Seasonal Items

Storing away season-specific items is a great place to start. This can be anything from clothing and shoes, gear and equipment, or holiday decorations. If you’re gearing up for an April move, storing away your Christmas tree, outdoor decorations, winter coats, snowshoes, and skis would only be wise. If you’re moving in the winter, keep your kayak and patio furniture stored away until it’s necessary. Keeping these items stored away will save you a lot of hassle when the time comes to unpack.


Furniture that you’re not quite sure of is another item you’ll want to stow away. If your new home or apartment has a completely different esthetic than your current one, your old furniture simply just may not work. If you have some sentimental value and attachment to your furniture, you’ll want to consider storing it. Or, maybe you want to sell it or donate it to a family member but haven’t found anyone yet. Whether it’s a couch, extra end tables, or a mattress, these are common items found in storage units. You probably don’t want extra old barstools collecting dust in the corner of your new swanky San Fran apartment. When in doubt, store it.


Old keepsakes, heirlooms, and photographs are great for storage. Oftentimes, these items take up a lot of space in a new place. However, you obviously don’t want to toss them out forever. Either keep them on the storage unit’s shelves or buy your own portable shelving units to keep them safe and organized. You won’t regret it down the line.


The same goes for antiques. The sentimental value of antiques is unmatched and maybe you’re trying to keep your move simple for now. When it comes to storing antiques and valuable collector’s items, you’ll want to make sure they’re packed securely. Get them professionally packed and make sure the unit you’re choosing is safe. Is there 24-hour surveillance? Are there locks on all the units? You can even opt for insurance in the case of a disaster. These tips should ease your mind when you’re halfway across the country.

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Appliances and Electronics

If you’ve rented out a furnished apartment or temporary house, you probably won’t be needing your stove, fridge, or washing machine. This is an excellent opportunity to store them away for a later date. The same can be said for electronics. These items are expensive and if you plan on not using them for a bit, it may be best to leave them.

Books, Papers, and Other Media

Finally, books, important papers, documents, and files are a good idea to store. If you have an entire library of books but are moving into a 500 square foot apartment, it may be wise to consider storing the ones that you know you won’t get around to. This can also mean DVDs, CDs, magazines, and old tapes. Maybe you want to just decrease the clutter for a bit. It’s obviously advised that we hang on to important documents. However, maybe you know you won’t need them in the near future. A storage unit is a great place to put those documents. Again, you’ll want to ensure that the unit is safe and secure as you don’t want anything happening to them.

Using Storage Units When Moving

When looking for the perfect storage unit when moving, there are some general tips that can get you on your way. Finding a facility by your new place is a smart idea if you know you’re wanting to move these things in sometime soon. Finding a secure place is another must. Comparing prices and determining what features are a priority for you will be an important factor. Finally, planning and calling ahead will give you a better chance that you’ll find the perfect facility and unit for you.

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