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Storage Unit Sizes Guide

Reputable storage facilities offer different storage unit sizes to meet your needs and accommodate your budget. Below is a guide outlining the most common storage unit sizes. This helpful guide has some tips for deciding how much storage space you might need for your treasured belongings.

Storage Unit Sizes Guide

How to Choose a Storage Unit Size

Even if you are in a hurry or have an urgent need to store something, we suggest you take some time first to follow these steps. These steps will help to make sure you know what you want when you get to the facility. They will also give you a better idea of how to pack the storage unit in an organized manner.


Write a list of what needs to be placed in storage. This can be items such as appliances, furniture, stuff in boxes and those oddly-shaped, bulky items, like the moose head with big antlers.


Try to decide exactly how many boxes you will be putting in storage. Packing them in the car will give you a good idea of how many will fit in what space.

Seek Help

If you need help with packing, some vendors will come and pack for you. Although there will more than likely be a fee for hiring a packing service, it can be a big help. This service also means not having to load or offload storage bins. This can be tremendously beneficial if you have a bad back.

Tip: Some storage facilities offer 3D virtual storage units for you to look at on their website. This can help you visualize how to pack the unit before you get there.

Common Storage Unit Sizes

Please note that the sizes shown here are measured in feet, not in meters. Also, please confirm with the prospective vendor about what storage unit sizes they offer.

Small Storage Units

5ft x 5ft. 25 square feet – 200 cubic feet.

This self-storage unit size is good for the long-term storage of a few very seldom-used items. These may be items such as a Christmas tree, a full-size mattress, a dresser or desk with a chair, and smaller boxes.

5ft x 10ft. 50 square feet – 400 cubic feet.

A 50 square foot storage unit is the equivalent of a walk-in closet. This is a great option for students away at college. It can fit a queen-size bed and the contents of a mid-sized room.

Medium Storage Units

5ft x 15ft. 75 square feet – 600 cubic feet.

A 75 square foot storage unit is equivalent to a large walk- in closet. In fact, it can fit a complete bedroom as well as a couch, several boxes, and a TV. This storage unit size is good for storing the bedroom and living room contents of a small apartment, including washers, dryers, and a refrigerator.

10ft x 10ft. 100 square feet – 800 cubic feet.

This medium-sized unit is approximately half the size of a one car garage. These units are typically used to store contents from a one or two-bedroom apartment, including a grand piano, appliances, and dining furniture.

10ft x 15ft. 150 square feet – 1,200 cubic feet.

A 150 square foot storage unit is good for storing a three-bedroom apartment’s contents, business materials, inventory and equipment. Alternatively, the unit will have a great deal of extra storage for household items and appliances. A compact car would also fit by itself.

Large Storage Units

10ft x 20ft. 200 square feet – 1,600 cubic feet.

This storage unit size is big enough to store the contents of an entire house. This is a great storage option when renovating your home or moving to another house. You can also store a big car or a boat. A 200 square foot storage unit is also ideal for a small to medium-size business to store inventory in.

10ftx25ft. 250 square feet – 2,000 cubic feet.

The contents of a multiple bedroom house will fit into a 250 square foot unit. This includes patio furniture and garden equipment. You could even park a small RV or truck, and still have space for boxes.

10ft x 30ft. 300 square feet – 2,400 cubic feet.

These units are approximately the same size as a one-and-a-half car garage. They are suitable for the contents of a five-bedroom home with a separate dining room, patio furniture, home office furniture, and plenty of bikes and lawn equipment. This storage unit size would comfortably fit a delivery van and business inventory.

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