Storage Security: Are Storage Units Safe for Valuables?

Storage Security

Storage units are only secure as you and the storage company allows them to be. Chances are the security at a storage unit facility is better than your home. However, it is vital that you make sure your storage facility has proper security features in place. In this article, we will take a look at some of the features the storage company should provide, as well as what customers should do to protect their valuables.

Storage Security: Are Storage Units Safe for Valuables?

Self-Storage Security Measures

Security Cameras

A digital surveillance system must be in place to record activity on the property 24 hours a day, inside and out. Most of the cameras should be obvious and in plain sight to act as deterrents. The idea of surveillance cameras is to make criminals think twice. Make sure the storage facility has someone monitoring the surveillance system 24/7.

Password Access

Access to the storage facility should be secured by passcode gate access – not by conventional key. This applies to customers as well as staff. This allows for the tracking of staff activity. Password-protected access should be required for entering and exiting the property. However, some companies will have the capacity to override your storage unit’s password in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Comprehensive Lighting

The entire facility should be bathed in light. As with the camera system, the lights should be visible to would-be midnight shoppers. The lights can be motion-activated in the main. However, in your storage unit, there should be a conventional light switch.

Property Maintenance

A spotless facility is usually a sign that the facility is taken care of. Robbers are experts at finding structural weaknesses. Part of maintenance is having a clean facility so there is nothing for criminals to lurk behind. Ask the storage operator for a tour before signing up. Be sure to take a look at the state of the control room and the level of security before making a decision.


Security personnel should undergo some type of training and certification. Find out from your potential storage company what type of training they have undergone for ultimate peace of mind. Also, ask for a list of protocols the staff are expected to follow. You can check on compliance during your subsequent visits. Establish the protocol for certain eventualities. What happens if you leave the unit open? What happens if there is a break-in? Or, what happens if there is a fire? Make sure you know the answer to each one of these answers before signing the papers.

Self-Storage Customer Security Provisions

Background check

Find out how long the company has been in business. If they are a branch of a bigger operation, understand how long the franchise has been in operation. Something to investigate is if the company is solvent and financially secure.


If you are to provide your own lock, then buy the best lock you can afford. It should be resistant to tampering and bolt cutters. Locks with a cylinder or a disc are a good idea.

Inner Sanctum

Storage units on the perimeter are easier to get to than those on the inside. While it may be less convenient for you, opt for a unit in one of the internal corridors. Modern facilities are designed so that you can drive right up to them. In addition, with the internal units, there is usually an additional access code requirement.

Store Insurable items

It is advisable to take out insurance on your storage unit. However, understand that not everything will be covered. Therefore, it is best if you find out what you can insure, and store items at your own discretion.


Taking inventory can help tremendously in the case of filing a claim. However, it is also good for those who are senior citizens and need to remember where our stuff is.

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