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Shed Drawbacks: Why You Should Rent a Storage Unit?

You have a pile of stuff that you don’t want to get rid of, but it’s taking over your house and you don’t know what to do with it. You have two options: you could purchase a shed for your backyard and put everything inside, or you could rent a storage unit. While the former might seem like the more logical solution, in reality, renting a storage unit to store items actually makes more sense.

Shed Drawbacks: Why You Should Rent a Storage Unit?

Before you clear space in your backyard and buy a shed, keep reading to find out why you should forego a garden shed and rent a storage unit instead.

Drawbacks of a Shed

While buying a shed might seem logical – it’s yours, which means you can do with it whatever you want, and you get to keep it – in reality, there are actually several drawbacks. The following are some of the most notable downsides of shed ownership:


Sheds take up a lot of space in your yard. Even smaller models can take up a big chunk of the space. If your backyard is limited on space, well, giving up precious square footage really doesn’t make much sense, does it?

It’s fixed

Depending on the type of shed you get, it could be a permanent or semi-permanent feature on your property. While it’s true that semi-permanent sheds can be taken down or moved, the fact is that doing both can be a big pain. Even smaller sheds are big, bulky, and awkward to move.

Not to mention the fact that with constant exposure to outdoor elements, general wear and tear, and age can happen. Their structural integrity can also start to deteriorate. When that happens, moving a shed can be virtually impossible.

They’re unappealing

Yes, there are sheds out there that are more visually pleasing than others. However, even if you get the cutest, most attractive shed, it can still stick out like a sore thumb and/or detract from the beauty of your yard.

They’re expensive

Last but certainly not least, one of the biggest downsides to owning an outdoor storage shed is the price tag. Sheds are very pricy; even small-sized models can cost thousands. Larger-scale options can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. That’s a massive expense!

Benefits of Renting a Storage Unit

Now that you’re familiar with the downsides that are associated with shed ownership, let’s take a look at some of the pros that are associated with renting a storage unit.

You aren’t trapped

Unlike a shed, when you rent a storage unit, you aren’t trapped with it. When you’re finished using rental storage units, or when you need more or less space, you can simply end your contract, or you can switch to a larger or smaller space. The short-term and long-term flexibility that a storage unit provides over a shed is definitely worthwhile.

Not sacrificing space

You won’t have to sacrifice any space in your yard to build a storage solution when you choose a storage rental unit. That’s a huge benefit, as you’ll be able to maximize the amount of space in your yard and put it toward something more beneficial.

No visual impact

Renting a climate-controlled storage space is worth your while because the storage solution is away from your property. Storage shed oftentimes detract from the aesthetic appeal of your property.

No maintenance

Sheds need to be maintained, and that maintenance falls on your shoulders. That isn’t the case with a storage unit. The storage facility will take care of all of the maintenance for you, which is definitely a major plus.

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