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Benefits of Self Storage During Home Improvement

Planning for a home improvement renovation means preparing your house, including decluttering and cleaning. Your contractor can either get on with the home improvement project or spend their time moving your belongings. Even worse, your furniture could be used as scaffolding. There are numerous benefits to renting a storage unit to store your personal belongings regardless of who is doing the home renovation project.

Benefits of Self Storage During Home Improvement

Maintaining Relationships

Asking neighbors, family, and friends to be your storage solution for your treasured belongings is a good way to alienate yourself from them. Nobody really wants to get roped into fetching and carrying. Not to mention, it always turns out that your stuff will be with them for longer than intended. This is a good way for folks to build resentments, even more so if you are in and out looking for things.

Make Space for Materials

Chances are that a lot of the construction material can’t be left outside in the elements or in an area visible from the road. There needs to be space in which to store the hardware and machines and more space for the consumables like hardware and paint. The area you are remodeling should be big enough for a person to work comfortably so that things like sheets of drywall don’t get broken when handled. If the project is due to be completed over a period of time, store batches of materials in self-storage. Stepping around stuff and constantly having to move it is counter-productive and can further delay your home remodeling project.

Safety Zone

Your home needs to be free of clutter to make the space more user-friendly and safer. Never say never; freak accidents do happen, especially with paint when it is open.

Secure your Valuables

Knowing where your valuables are is reassuring. Self-storage facilities are big on security and limiting access. In fact, storage facilities usually have security patrolling the area as well as 24/7 security camera monitoring. Your documents, jewelry, fine art, antiques, heirlooms, and the real-life stuffed penguin will all be safe.

Dust and Drip Free

No matter how well you wrap your possessions and furniture, dust and paint drops will find a way in. The paint will be only relatively easier to get out than dust, though it is hard work. Paying the steam cleaners to come and steam clean the upholstery can be expensive and annoying, as there is nowhere to sit while the couch is drying.

Avoid Temptation

Who is coming to work in your home? With people in and out stuff can go missing, even furniture. This can be a nightmare to sort out when the project is completed. It’s best to prevent the burden of proof game and insurance claim co-pays from happening. Self-storage minimizes the risk of theft.

Guard Against Breakage and Debris

Your valuables are at risk of being damaged in the hands of less sensitive, busy workers who need to move them. There is also the risk of debris and building materials falling on them. Who will explain to granny about her broken Victorian rocking chair or how the antlers broke off grandpa’s moose head? Choose self-storage and prevent accidents before they happen.

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