Moving During The Pandemic

moving during the pandemic

Moving is never easy but trying to relocate during a pandemic can bring with it extra challenges. Moving during the pandemic is possible, but it is important to do it thoughtfully and carefully. If you are considering moving to a new place this year, we have some tips that will make your project more efficient.

Moving During The Pandemic

Decide if Moving Now is Essential

In most cases, the decision to move is one that is set in stone. This can be due to a lease ending or even the sale of your property. For some, the start of a new job or a new school year means that relocation simply can’t wait until a later date. If you are in a situation where your relocation can’t be postponed, it is important to plan your move accordingly. Many cities have mandatory business closures for any field that is considered non-essential, however, moving companies are considered essential countrywide.

Supplementary services related to moving such as stores that sell some packaging or specialty boxes may not be essential, so it is critical that you plan with care to ensure a smooth transition. If you or your family members fall in the high-risk group, it is a good idea to limit your contact with outside movers or to rent from a moving truck company and move on your own if possible.

Stock Up On Packing Supplies

Pre-covid it may have been easy to run out to the store to get extra moving supplies on-demand, but during a pandemic, your trips should be limited. Try to plan out your packing, and then buy 15 percent more supplies than you think you will need. This will ensure that you have plenty of boxes and filler to pack your belongings while also cutting down on last-minute trips to stores that may be packed with people. If you really must buy extra packing materials ahead of your move, opt for curbside pick-up instead of going into the store. Just keep in mind that most of these services have a three-hour delay before you can pick up your order.

Securing a Quote For Services

In the past, a moving company would come out to your location to give you a quote for your relocation following a survey. Due to covid-19 restrictions, this step is no longer an option for most companies. Quotes are often given after a virtual survey or through a detailed walkthrough of the work you will need to be completed. The moving company will mainly want to know how many rooms will be moved. As well as the approximate number of boxes per room, and the size and number of large items that will also need to be transported. Of course, the move-out date and the final destination will also play a role in the final cost.

Downsizing In a Pandemic

It is normal to downsize your collection of items before you move. No one wants to pack extra things no longer needed or used. With the pandemic in full swing, it can be harder to offload unwanted items than ever before. Give items to friends and family that may be useful. As for the rest, make sure to find out donation procedures at the thrift store or other location well ahead of your moving date. Many donation centers have specific safety precautions that must be followed which are not often friendly to last-minute relocation efforts.

Masks & Handwashing

On the actual day of the move, it is very important to enforce handwashing and wearing masks. Professional moving companies usually supply their staff with gloves, masks, and face shields, but you should have some on hand as well. Hand out a bottle of hand sanitizer and several masks to each person working on your moving team.

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