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Moving Bags vs Moving Boxes

Moving houses or apartments can be a daunting task. Having to pack all your belongings in a safe and methodical way to make the move go as smoothly as possible is even harder. The two options that you will be faced with when storing or packing your goods are moving bags or moving boxes. Both options moving bags and moving boxes have their pros and cons. However, you do not have to decide on one option, you can use a combination of both.

Moving Bags vs Moving Boxes

Moving Bags

There are many different materials when it comes to moving bags. Moving bag materials range from PVC or hessian to plastic bin bags. All types of moving bags are handy, depending on what they are going to contain. When looking to transport heavier and/or sharper objects that could damage a bin bag, you should consider the more durable option of using PVC bags. Lighter items such as clothing that are unable to tear the bag can be transported in a plastic bin bag.

Pros of Moving Bags

  • Moving bags can be easier to carry as they come with straps or handles.
  • Moving bags can often allow for more to be packed in one as they are bigger.
  • Plastic bin bags can also work out cheaper than using moving boxes.
  • Moving bags such as plastic bin bags are easily accessible at most local stores.
  • PVC moving bags can be reused multiple times because of their strength and durability.
  • You won’t need to use extra material such as tape to seal the bags. Moving bags come with zips, or the bin bags can be rolled and tied at the opening.
  • Moving bags are able to prevent water damage if they are sealed properly.

Cons of Moving Bags

  • If you decide on using the PVC bag option, it can be slightly more expensive compared to purchasing boxes. However, they can be used multiple times.
  • You may only be able to use plastic bin bags once as they can stretch and tear after being moved around.
  • Because of the way moving bags are packed, it can be difficult to open the bag and find a specific item without making a mess or having to remove everything out of the bag.

Moving Boxes

Moving boxes are the most commonly adopted option for the majority of goods that are packed when moving. Boxes come in different shapes and sizes which allows you to pack different amounts or different sized items. When using boxes to package your goods, all you will need is some tape to seal the boxes properly.

Pros of Moving Boxes

  • Depending on where you obtain the boxes, the material used, such as corrugated cardboard, is normally quite sturdy as it needs to be able to withstand external elements.
  • Some boxes, like plastic boxes, are able to prevent water damage if they are sealed correctly.
  • Boxes allow you to package your goods methodically based on the different sizes and shapes of the items. This also makes it easier when there is a need to open the box to find a specific item and not make a mess by having to unpack the entire box.
  • Cardboard boxes are easily accessible from a local store near you or by paying a visit to a dedicated packaging shop.
  • Cardboard boxes can also prove to be cost-effective as you may be able to obtain them from local stores for free as they will not need them.
  • Plastic boxes can be reused time and time again as it is difficult to damage them.

Cons of Moving Boxes

  • If you purchase plastic boxes, they may last longer but at a higher cost.
  • Cardboard boxes are not able to prevent water from damaging goods. The cardboard material absorbs and holds water. This is especially concerning if there are items like books inside.
  • You have to have enough tape to build and seal each box individually.
  • Boxes can be larger, making them harder to lift and transport. If a box is too heavy, it also increases the possibility of it being dropped and damaging the goods inside.

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