Movein/Referral Coupon

Move-in $100/Referral $50 Coupon  

ClarkStorageLLC 4810 South 35th Street Council Bluffs

Phone: 402-618-6595


This Move-In/Referral Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with AAA discounts, other discounts, or any Internet online reservation system.

Renter’s Name: __________________________

Unit Number Rented: __________________

Place with Renter’s contract at the time of rental

The renter can use this coupon for their own rental.  This $100 payment will only be applied as a credit to their unit payment, minimum 6-months rental.


Referrer’s Name________________________________

Referrer’s Phone Number_________________________

Referrer’s Mailing Address________________________

Allow 10 days for receipt of a $50 Referral fee.

This offer is only valid for Coupons received at the time of Rental.

Print this coupon out and turn in with the Contract. Will not be accepted at a later date.

Offer valid for units rented through August 1st, 2020.  If you paste to Facebook or Instagram, have them put your name.