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Is Self Storage the Right Choice for Your Small Business Inventory?

Small business owners are always looking for more storage space. In fact, if you operate a seasonal business, you probably can’t find enough storage when the busy time of the year arrives. In today’s fast-paced commerce environment, it’s essential for business owners to have their inventory on hand when they need it. Having to go off-site to source stock is a surefire way to lose the sale. Storage of documents, excess inventory, and other items related to a business is vital for the growth of any company. Self-storage units provide a solution for off-site storage space for small businesses, but is it right for you? Is self-storage the right choice for your small business inventory, or should you look for other ideas?

Is Self Storage the Right Choice for Your Small Business Inventory?

Is Self-Storage Cost-Effective for Storing Small Business Inventory?

Self-storage facilities offer affordable monthly rentals. Renting a self-storage unit can help save you time, money, and rebranding expenses involved with moving offices to find a bigger location that can store inventory. It also prevents customer loss from moving from your current location. Some customers might not want to visit your new offices and would rather find a supplier closer to them. Self-storage offers an affordable way to bootstrap the costs of scaling your business.

Storage When You Need It

You can keep your local inventory in your business while securely locking your excess stock away in a business storage unit. When it’s time to restock, just go to the storage unit and replenish inventory. With a self-storage unit, you have your inventory on-demand, and you can access it 24/7.

Ideal for Expansion Strategies

If your business is growing, that’s great news! It also means you’re going to need to carry more inventory. Using self-storage for your new warehouse is ideal for the growth phase of most companies.

This strategy gives you time to start shopping around for the right storage solution for your business without worrying about dwindling stock levels for your customers. Self-storage units are the ideal storage choice for businesses that no longer have room for their documents and records but must keep them available for regulatory reasons.

Secure Offline Documents & Record Storage

Document storage can cost you a lot of money using a dedicated service. Why pay more when you can get the same value from a self-storage unit?

The average self-storage unit can more than cope with the document storage demands of any small business. Archive your documents off-site and free up space in the office for personnel and other necessary business items.

Manage Seasonal Inventory Overflow

Seasonal businesses will love the freedom and flexibility they get from using a self-storage facility for their inventory. If you expect a busier season, use a storage unit to meet your seasonal inventory demands and avoid supply chain problems and supplier issues filling last-minute orders.

A self-storage facility keeps you ahead of the market and well-prepared for any events where you need more inventory than during other times of the year.

24/7 Protection

Steadfast security is one of the best parts of renting a self-storage unit for inventory and document storage. Most facilities have a security team and 24/7 CCTV surveillance watching the property.

You don’t have to worry about someone stealing your inventory or breaking into your unit to steal sensitive documents and data. You get a confidence-inspiring facility taking the pressures of running your business and securing your inventory off your plate.

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