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Is Basement or Attic Storage Better?

Holiday decorations, off-season clothes, canned food stockpiles, and more… our lives are full of stuff. If we’re honest, some of it belongs in the trash, but one thing is clear — not all of it fits into our living space. You’re lucky if you have a basement or attic storage space and even luckier if you have both. Which one is better for storage, though, and how do you decide what goes where?

Is Basement or Attic Storage Better?

Should You Store Things in Your Attic or Basement?

The attic and basement both offer much-needed extra square feet where you can conveniently store items you only pull out occasionally or never think about but still need to keep. Which one is better? There’s no hard and fast answer because each option has its own set of pros and cons.

Your basement is the lowest point in your home, making it the coldest spot. The fact that it’s close to the ground makes it perfect for storing heavier items that your attic may not be able to handle. It is important to note however that the basement is also more humid. That makes it an environment where mold and moisture-loving pests can thrive.

Your attic absorbs a lot of heat from your home, and storing items there can act as a buffer that prevents your property from heating up. Storing items in your attic may even help you save on your energy bills — but it comes with a downside. Your attic gets dusty, and moths easily find their way there. Therefore, you will want to choose items that you would like to store in your attic carefully.

The verdict? Neither your attic nor basement is an inherently superior storage space, as long as you’re mindful about what you put where.

What to Store in Your Attic

Your attic is a good storage spot for lighter items that won’t suffer when exposed to high humidity levels. These include:

  • Off-season clothes and fabrics like winter coats, beach towels, flip-flops, and clothes children have outgrown
  • Important papers or old papers like kids’ drawings and photos you don’t really care about
  • Camping gear
  • Suitcases
  • Christmas and Easter decorations
  • Light cooking utensils you’re not using at the moment
  • Unwanted gifts

What to Store in Your Basement

Your basement is a better storage option if you’re looking for a (temporary) home for heavier objects that won’t be damaged by cooler temperatures or higher humidity levels. Examples of things to place in basement storage areas include:

  • Cans of food – food stockpiles
  • Bicycles and scooters
  • Old electrical appliances you want to get rid of someday soon
  • Old furniture – be careful with wooden furniture due to high humidity levels

Smarter Storage Solutions for Your Attic and Basement

The basement and attic both offer valuable storage areas that would be a shame to miss out on. Unfortunately, neither offers an ideal storage solution because heat can damage certain items while cold temperatures and humidity can threaten others.

Storing smaller items in airtight containers while wrapping larger ones in plastic can help your stored items last longer. Lastly, taking steps to control temperature and humidity preserves your stored objects for as long as you need.

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