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How Should You Store Your Boat?

There’s nothing better than getting out on the open water, basking in the sun, and being surrounded by the beauty of nature. However, a boat is a big responsibility and it needs to be properly maintained. Knowing how to properly store your boat in the summer and winter is one of the most important parts of boat maintenance. Whether you have a fishing boat, speed boat, pontoon, or any other type of boat, your boat needs to be properly stored when it isn’t in use. Here are some storage ideas for vessels of varying sizes.

How Should You Store Your Boat?

Summer Storage

Summer is the prime boating season, so you want to make sure that you have easy access to your boat for a fun day on the water. The following are some effective boat storage options for boat owners so that their boat is ready whenever they want to use it next.

Boat Lift

If you’re lucky enough to have waterfront property, a boat lift is an excellent way to store your vessel. Just like a car lift, a boat lift will raise the vessel up and out of the water, suspending it over the surface so that it isn’t touching the water. There are several different boat lift designs ranging from small derricks to options equivalent to a floating dry dock. When you’re ready to set sail, simply lower the vessel, hop on board, and hit the open water.

Dry Rack

With this boat storage method, you’ll need a forklift truck to pull your vessel up onto a boat storage rack. Depending on the size, you can safely store three or even four boats with this method. Typically, the racks are located inside a boat storage facility, where they are protected from outdoor elements and theft.


If you have room in your backyard, garage, driveway, or another secure location, you could store your boat at home on a trailer. Storing your boat on a trailer kills two birds with one stone. Not only will you have a place to keep your vessel, but when you’re ready to get back on the water, just hook up the trailer to a vehicle and haul it down to the water. However, you’ll want to cover your boat to prevent critters, as well as dirt and debris from building up.

Upside-down on the ground

While it might seem too simple to be effective, this method is actually a great way to store a small (20 feet or less) vessel – especially if you use it often. Take your boat out of the water and on dry, level ground, flip it upside-down. The hull of the boat will act as the boathouse. Make sure the boat is blocked up off the ground to allow for circulation.

Winter Storage

When putting your vessel away for the winter, protect it from the frigid temperatures, and ice damage using one of these methods.

Shrink Wrap

Wrapping your boat in shrink wrap is one of the most popular and effective winter boat storage techniques. With this boat storage method, you will tightly wrap a thin, yet durable layer of plastic around the boat, protecting your boat from the outdoor elements. This method is highly effective if you choose to leave your boat at an outdoor boat storage facility.

Plastic Tarp

Plastic tarps are a more budget-friendly alternative to shrink wrap. They are also great for protecting your vessel over the winter months. Regardless of whether or not you are storing your boat indoors or outdoors, pull the tarps as tightly as possible in order to firmly secure them.

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