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How Do You Hire Reliable Movers?

When it’s time to move your stuff from one home or apartment to another, it’s usually time to start looking to hire a moving company. Finding the right moving company can be a struggle, but there are many ways to make it an easy process. Never hire just any movers when it comes to your valuable possessions. Reliable, trusted moving companies are the only way to guarantee that your items arrive at their end-destination undamaged, or at all.

Fly-by-night moving companies can cost you more than the worth of what they are moving. Hire these types of moving companies at your own risk! In this article, we discuss everything you should know to make sure you hire the most reliable moving company possible.

How Do You Hire Reliable Movers?

What Disasters Can Strike

Hiring an unregistered, informal moving company, or simply a guy with a truck, rather than an established business can be a huge risk. This is a risk we would not recommend that anyone take. An unregistered company is hard to hold responsible in the event anything should go wrong, or missing.

Careless movers can damage your possessions. In many cases, it is hard to claim damages if you fail to make use of a reputable moving company. In a worst-case scenario, the “damage” could be an unregistered mover disappearing into the night with your entire load. Yes, this happens more frequently than you would believe!

The use of the wrong moving company can, literally, cost families and individuals everything.

Reputation is Everything

If you think you have found a reputable moving company, check into their history and reviews. Reputation and online reviews can indicate whether this company is worth your time and trust.

Moving company number one has five stars and 4,000 good reviews. Moving company number two has two stars, with most of the reviews being bad ones. Which one would you pick?

Always check into a moving company that you intend to use. Consider all prior customer experiences and reviews that you read before you hire the movers for yourself.

Are They Established, Registered Movers?

A trusted, established, and professional moving company should be registered. Visit their website and request an invoice to see what’s on the rest of their paperwork. Reliable companies should have business license details displayed, as well as information about the vehicles in their fleet.

If you can’t find registration details, or if the mover simply isn’t upfront, then they are not a registered business. If this is the case, you could take an unnecessary type of risk if you hire the moving company.

Request Quotes From Multiple Moving Companies

Request several quotes from potential moving companies if you intend to relocate. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, and do your research first. While it seems obvious, don’t always side with the cheapest quote. Instead, pick the best service and the moving company you trust the most.

Quotes will tell you more than the price. As we previously explained, a quote from a moving company will reveal important essentials about a business such as their registration details.

Give Three Addresses

One of the biggest mistakes people make when reaching out to moving companies is giving their addresses to people they don’t know. Don’t! Giving out your address to a stranger is as bad as listing your home address on social media.

Give movers an estimated departure point, and three alternative addresses where you intend to move. This practice is much safer when you have several moving companies to contact.

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