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How Do You Get Rid of a Lot of Stuff Fast?

So, you’re moving or deciding to declutter in your home. Either way, you need a strategy and the best way to get rid of stuff fast. These tips will help you navigate through the task so you can enjoy the benefits of a clutter-free home.

How Do You Get Rid of a Lot of Stuff Fast?

Take Massive Action

According to Marie Kondo, an organizing consultant and author, the first step is committing to tidying up. Creating a plan and getting rid of items you don’t need is a great first step. However, the key to success is committing to action. It’s time to execute your strategy and get started.

Most people struggle to get started because they find starting the task is the hardest part. The rest falls into place when you get moving and begin the process. It’s time to put in the work. Tie back your hair, grab the cleaning stuff, and start working on the plan.

Be Consistent and Manage Intensity

Be consistent with your decluttering tasks. We’re not suggesting you work yourself to the bone, but allocating blocks of time to the job is essential. Sticking to the plan is critical to finishing the job.

Learning to get rid of things you once thought were important can be difficult. It’s easy to lose yourself in memories when clearing sentimental items out. Before you know it, you’ve spent an hour reviewing your old yearbooks and burning daylight.

Schedule the sessions and commit to sticking to them. You can always reminisce about your memories later when you finish up.

Be Efficient And Get Rid Of Stuff

Start by creating a dedicated zone where you put everything you don’t need. This is a great way to stay organized throughout the task. Be ruthless with decluttering decisions. Sort items and place them into one of the following four zones.

  • Donate or sell
  • Recycle or trash
  • Place in storage
  • Keep

Donate, recycle, or throw away broken items such as furniture or decor. It’s time to get rid of clothes that no longer fit or are out of style. Don’t spend time being wishy-washy and second-guessing your initial decision.

Go room by room and throw the items you don’t want in the trash. Place the box of donation items in the trunk of your car. Get them out of the house, or they’ll end up staying around.

Place the items you want to sell in a holding zone where they’re out of the way, but make sure it’s somewhere where you won’t forget about them. You don’t want to come across them six months from now because you procrastinated on the task. You would not want to start all over again. Store everything you’re keeping somewhere that’s out of the way.

When you finish decluttering, commit to dealing with the items as you originally intended.

Get Some Help From Friends And Family Members

You can make your decluttering plan easy by calling on some friends or family to help you out. Teamwork makes the dream work, right? If you have the budget, hire a personal organizer to give you direction.

Rent a Roll-Off Dumpster

If you’re clearing out the garage or attic there will probably be a lot of stuff to throw out. Consider renting a quarter-size roll-off dumpster. Depending on your neighborhood bylaws, the rental company drops it off outside your property or on the premises.

If you don’t fill it up, ask your neighbors if they have anything to throw out. You can even ask them for a small donation, this saves you money on the dumpster rental.

Start Small and Make a Plan

Committing to the clean-up process is the first step to enjoying the benefits of a decluttered home. You can decide what items belong and what belongs elsewhere. Start small and make a plan. Use these helpful tips to get you going.

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