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How Big of a Storage Unit Do I Need for a One-Bedroom Apartment?

Questions about storage unit sizes and what size you will need are among the most common questions in the self-storage industry. Many people are choosing to stick their stuff into storage, whether it’s for a few months to more than a year. Storage units are a great option if you’re planning to move or if you’re simply trying to organize your home. If you’re planning on moving to an apartment you might be wondering how big of a storage unit you will need for a one-bedroom apartment.

How Big of a Storage Unit Do I Need for a One-Bedroom Apartment?

The answer isn’t the same for everyone, however. The size of the storage unit you need will depend on what you own, how you will be able to stack it, and the conditions you need to store items.

Apartments are different shapes and sizes, and people put different things in their apartments. Use this article as a general guide. Compensate for where you think you might own more (or less) stuff or large items.

Here’s how to choose the right storage unit, based on what you own.


Unless you’re choosing one outside of the United States, assume that your storage unit company is measuring in feet. Most storage units measure the width and length of the unit while ignoring the height. Be sure to ask before you sign up to lease your storage unit if the height isn’t stated.

Choosing a Storage Unit

Where possible, always choose local, reliable storage unit companies rather than companies. You don’t want someone to disappear with your belongings, or your items to suffer damage because you went with an unreputable and cheap storage company!

How Big of a Storage Unit Do I Need for a One-Bedroom Apartment?

As a general rule of thumb, a 5×10 storage unit manages to cover most of what people have in the average one-bedroom apartment. Units come in different storage sizes to meet different needs.

This measurement assumes that you have at least one single bed, and two small couches: other large appliances like washing machines might not be factored into this measurement, so think carefully about how much floor space everything takes up when put together.

Things To Consider

  • Mattress Size: If you own a double bed or a king-sized mattress, it’s going to take up more space than just a single bed/small mattress in a storage unit.
  • Do you have couches or chairs?: Couches or chairs take up the most space in storage units. They usually can’t be stacked or compressed in any way.
  • Do you have stackable crates?: Instead of using cardboard boxes that are almost sure to damage or degrade with time, choose sturdy crates that you can stack. This guarantees an easier, safer way to do things.
  • Do you have fragile objects?: Anything that classifies as fragile should be factored into storage unit space because it’s likely that you’d want to keep things separately – and in good condition.

Miscellaneous Items

Does your apartment hold the contents of large sports equipment, an oversized dining room table, or other items that take up extra space? Make sure you use the storage unit size guide to ensure you get the right-sized unit for your needs.

No matter if you need to store the contents of your apartment short or long-term, choosing the right self-storage facility near you is important. Other storage options are available for more specific needs such as vehicle storage or climate-controlled storage.

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