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How Big is a 10×15 Storage Unit?

There are many reasons why you might need to rent storage space – including to store stuff you don’t have other room for right now, or when you’re moving and need the extra space to store your items. When choosing a storage unit, it’s especially important to make sure that you choose the right size. Renting a storage unit usually requires signing a long-term contract, so how can you be sure you choose the right storage size? Check out this guide to learn more about what fits in a 10×15 storage unit and more!

How Big Is A 10×15 Storage Unit?

Here is some information about the size of a 10×15 storage unit and how to choose the right one.

Approximately How Big Is A 10×15 Storage Unit?

A 10×15 storage unit means that the storage unit measures 10 feet wide by 15 feet long, or 150 square feet of storage space. 10×15 units are a popular self-storage unit size and are about the size of a one-car garage.

For many, a 10×15 self-storage unit is sufficient to store what they need, whether it’s for a short or long-term storage solution.

How Are Storage Units Measured?

The standard measurement for storage units in the United States is in feet. Other countries or storage facilities may list different measurements, but feet are what most of the US storage business uses.

Knowing the approximate size of the storage unit helps you determine how much stuff you can fit inside.

How Tall Is A 10×15 Storage Unit?

A 10×15 storage unit also gives you plenty of flexibility to include storage shelves or stack boxes.

The approximate height of most 10×15 storage units is eight-foot ceilings. This would place the unit at approximately 1,200 cubic feet, ensuring nobody bumps their head.

However, the height might not be standard for all types of storage units. Contact your individual self-storage company and ask them about the measured height if you are not sure.

How Can I Make Sure I Rent a Storage Unit That is the Right Size?

Contact the storage company and ask if they have a size guide, or make sure that you bring a measuring tape to check for yourself.

Some storage companies may charge extra for a slightly bigger unit than what they advertise. Be cautious of this as a customer. If you’re paying for a 10×15 storage unit, then you should expect to get one!

What If I’ve Rented The Wrong Size Storage Unit?

If you rent a storage unit that is too small or big, most companies have an “out” clause that will allow you to get the right size you need. The best advice is to read everything before signing a contract with a storage unit company.

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