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Hiring Moving Help Tips

For those who experience moving from place to place, I’m with you. This is very stressful, especially when your assignment area is far away from your current place. If you’re looking for a full-service skilled mover, hiring a full-service moving company is a great option for you. Some moving companies offer additional moving services aside from transporting your belongings. Knowing what kind of assistance you need will help you choose a moving company that fits your needs.

Hiring Moving Help Tips

Six tips to consider when hiring movers

Do your research

Look for a professional moving company known for having good service throughout the years who earned awards from their local small business. Then, contact your local Better Business Bureau to guarantee those company names. Moreover, it is also important to visit their websites to check for good and bad reviews of people who have experienced their service. You can also ask for referrals from a co-worker, realtor, or friend that has experienced finding movers. To find out more about the company’s history, call the consumer complaints hotline at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Get a direct written estimate in person

This written estimate will guarantee that the moving quote you receive from each company is precise. In fact, this will give you a chance to learn more about the services offered by the mover.

Be real with your estimator

You have to show your estimator all the boxes, furniture, clothes, and belongings you’d like the moving company to transport for you. A professional mover can’t force you to pay more to move items that were excluded from your estimate. However, the movers can refuse to carry anything you didn’t disclose in your written quote.

Request information about added fees

No one likes surprises on their moving day, especially when your allotted budget is fixed, so be sure to ask about any extra fees such as fuel prices, additional stops charges, and equipment fees beforehand that could be added to your final bill

Contemplate using packing services

Most professional and local movers offer packing supplies such as boxes, padding, and moving blankets to secure fragile items. This helps to guarantee safety before, during, and after unloading your belongings. However, expect the additional fee. This can take the stress out of your next move if you’re like most people who dread the thought of packing up all your stuff.

Discuss Insurance Coverage

Professional movers usually have insurance protection for your belongings to ensure that they give their clients the best service and peace of mind during the move. Also, be sure to get the details about coverage in writing. You should also check if your homeowners’ insurance policy applies while items are in transport.

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