Customer Storage Insurance Coverage

Storage insurance coverage

Storage insurance coverage is recommended for all tenants.  Since the Storage Facility owners have no ownership of the contents and are not performing as a warehouse, our insurance does not cover any contents or impact on the tenant’s valuables. We supply access to Storage Insurance through Ponderosa Insurance company LLC, known as SafeStor insurance.  This is automatically billable and payable through our Self-storage management software.

Customer Storage Insurance Coverage

The following is a summary, but is not all-inclusive of the customer storage insurance coverage:

  1. Why insured your stored goods, because it is your responsibility.
  2. Coverage: Fire, Hurricane, Tornado, Wind, Earthquake, Vandalism, Vermin, Lightning, smoke, hail, building collapse, Explosion, Leaking water, burglary.
  3. Not covered: Jewelry, furs, watches, money, securities, documents or motorized vehicles, loss from war/flood/climate conditions (rust/mildew). Burglary is only covered if there is a sign of forced entry and a police report has been filed.

Coverages and Monthly Premiums (07/2020)

The Storage facility is collecting and transferring the insurance premiums as a courtesy and is not representing the insurance company in any capacity.

Should you have a claim:

  1. Take photos of damaged items.
  2. Use the online claims filing system at
  3. Speak to your claims handler before discarding damaged items.

Storage tips:

  1. Make an inventory list and/or take photos of your stored items.
  2. Use a cylinder lock.
  3. Store items on shelves or pallets, and cover them to protect against dust/moisture.

Should you have a question or claim, call 800-528-7134  Safestor/

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