Marketing Play

Marketing Play self storage units

Just check the internet and we ran across a thread we responded to below, trying to help them out.  On the flip side, this would be a great deal.  All of the “Work” is done; this is a Marketing play.  Several states away, but what a great location to go to summer or winter.


Big City Marketing

big city Marketing storage units

Our path, still improving.

Have not cared about online presence other than Google Map pin; most of our locations are in the country (Pop 5,000), great locations, only 2 to 3 competitors.  We only do Drive-up storage and no Climate controlled (don’t want to). When we moved to the big city (1mm, 112 competitors) this year, a totally different ball game.  Most of these are not our physical competition due to distance, but they are in the same bandwidth on the internet.


Storage Units Market Demand “Will they come?”

Storage Units Market Demand

I’ll give you the tool I use, but you will have to make an investment of your own time. Otherwise you don’t own the data.  Below you will find information on Storage Units Market Demand in Omaha, NE, Council Bluffs, IA, and the surrounding areas.