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No Money Down | Investing In Storage Units | Clark Storage LLC

Working with a young gentleman in Zagreb, Croatia who was seeking advice to get into the Storage business.  I was mowing the next day and thinking about a business I have in Belize (higher interest rates) and also the fact this person probably didn’t have much capital.  The amount of capital you have determines the […]

What Size is Best For Buying Storage Units?

What Size is Best For Buying Storage Units?

Thirty-foot building is the best. You can move the walls based on your actual size mix. Well Maybe: If you’re in the City and zoning requires concrete frost-free footings and hard surface roads I would do the 30’s but if you have a second run of buildings do 40’s. Your footing cost is almost the […]

Storage Units Market Demand “Will they come?”

Storage Units Market Demand

I’ll give you the tool I use, but you will have to make an investment of your own time. Otherwise you don’t own the data.  Below you will find information on Storage Units Market Demand in Omaha, NE, Council Bluffs, IA, and the surrounding areas.