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Best Places to Get Moving Boxes

Moving can be a stressful experience for everyone. This may sound dramatic to some people, but the “simple” act of moving from one location to another could be something that uproots your entire life. If you asked a hundred people what they hated most about moving, it may not be the act of moving itself, but everything that’s associated with it. This includes everything from keeping a list of everything you’ve packed to finding moving boxes. Although we can’t help you to find the box where you packed the plates, we can help you by giving you a list of the best places to get moving boxes.

Best Places to Get Moving Boxes

If you have to move without much of a budget, the great news is that some places will let you pick up boxes for free. All you’ve got to do is be there at the right place (and sometimes time), and you could drive away with enough boxes to pack most of your belongings without having to pay for boxes.

Here’s a quick look at the most useful places to find cheap or free moving boxes.

Local Grocery Store

The first place to go if you’re looking to find free moving boxes is your local grocery store.

Local grocery stores see large-scale deliveries almost every week, and these boxes sometimes stand around outside in or near recycling bins.

Most stores never keep the boxes, so most of them just go back to the manufacturer and get recycled or used in the next shipment. However, if you ask, most grocery stores are happy to give away a few of their boxes – depending on how many you’ll need.

The good part is that grocery store boxes are particularly strong, sturdy, and often large.

The Liquor Store

The second good place you can go to find moving boxes is your local liquor store. Places that sell alcohol go through just as many boxes as the average grocery store. Just like grocery store boxes, boxes at liquor stores are often left for recycling.

Again: ask and you may receive.

A few boxes make very little difference to a large store, therefore, a friendly request could get you the boxes you need. Try smaller stores too, they’re usually likely to help as well!

Because these boxes carry the heavy weight of liquor bottles, these cardboard boxes are perfect for packing average household items.

The Surplus Store

Surplus stores are a great place to find large boxes for moving. If you don’t have enough boxes after visiting a local grocery store or liquor store, try seeking out your nearest surplus or bulk store.

Surplus stores have similar deals with distributors as your grocery store, though they might be able to help you out with a few more spare boxes if you don’t have enough to pack everything just yet.


Amazon is a marketplace that sells just about everything you can imagine. Yes, that includes moving boxes. Amazon is one of the world’s largest and easiest places to find a range of box sizes and types.

Amazon has the benefit of being affordable and offers a wide range of products.

With just a few dollars and spare minutes, you could find a number of affordable moving box options – for almost any type of item that you’d have to pack.

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