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Auction Rules

Here are the Auction Rules:

  1. Pay in cash or local check (if I know you).
  2. Must payday of sale.
  3. Show the driver’s license.
  4. Must clean out storage unit by end of day Sunday.
  5. If not cleaned out by Sunday, you will be charged $100 for a cleanup fee per unit.
  6. Or make provisions Monday morning to rent the unit. Call xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx-xxx-xxxx by 11 am on Monday, or it will be disposed and charged for clean up.
  7. Owners/families of units may not bid. Must pay storage fees in cash.
  8. Reserve the right to not accept bids by individuals.
  9. Reserve the right to bid, for me.

Auction Rules

Units purchased/Amount__?????__________________________________________________

By approving and signing the below, you agree to an automated electronic charge for the cleanup fee in the amount of $100 per unit, if not swept out.

Approval:   __________________________________

Print Name: __________________________________

Phone Number _________________________________

Address ______________________________________

Date:    10/19/2019

Show Credit Card to Auctioneer:

Credit Card  # _______________________________

Expiration Date______________________________

Security Code 3 digit _________________________

Show Check to Auctioneer:

Bank Account #  ______________________________

Bank Routing #________________________________

Driver License #  ______________________________

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Our family business objective is to provide you with the best service and facilities in a secure location. As you get to know our facilities, you will note they were selected for your ease of access, location, and security. Please let us know how we can continue to improve your storage needs and fulfill your high expectations. We have storage units in Council Bluffs, Glenwood, and Pacific Junction. Contact us today. We are also offering a Move-In Referral Program, click here for more information.