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Welcome to Clark Self-Storage Units

Our family business objective is to provide you the best service and self storage units in a secured location. As you get to know our facilities, you will note they were selected for your ease of access, location, and security. Please let us know how we can continue to improve your storage needs and fulfill your high expectations.

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Why Choose Clark Storage?

"Fortress" Style Setting

Simple site selection and design, supply you with a "Fortress" style setting. This is a move away from the "open access" plan and increases the visibility of the storage units by the public. All four sides are contained with only one controlled access gate.

Facial Imaging

Currently most storage locations have cameras looking down on the vehicle, which we also have. A new feature is Facial Imaging as the person keys in their access code. The camera is located on the Security pad and images the person in the vehicle providing improved security.

Contract Terms

Immediate self-service move in. NO Deposit. Month to Month. NO advance move out notice required.

Glenwood Storage

RV/Vehicle/Trailer storage at 26763 Highway 34, Glenwood. 20/30/40 foot spots.

Council Bluffs Storage Security

Infrared cameras, that see in the dark. High definition Car license cameras to see through head beams and taillights. Ratio of 1 camera to 6 units 4 megabyte pixels. Motion sensor detection on cameras. Audio recording on key camera locations. Other security tools not mentioned. Over 60 cameras and security features on site, making this one of the most secure storage facilities in Council Bluffs/Omaha/Bellevue.

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